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Oliso Pro Sous Vide Oven, Induction Cooktop, Vacuum Sealer Review 2018


Sick of cooking on gas burners and dealing with regular troubles? Switch over to an induction! Let us introduce you to the Oliso Smart Hub Induction Cooktop with Oliso Sous Vide Oven, which can efficiently combine modern technology with superb performance.  It is a revolutionary kitchen appliance built by the reputed brand Oliso that started out with a vacuum cleaner gradually gaining the reputation as […]

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Cosmo COS-965AGF Freestanding/Slide-In Gas Range Review

With the COS-965AGF, Cosmo brings up a product that aims to be a household name in terms of style, durability, and performance. Cosmo has always endeavored to bring up quality products at an affordable price right at your doorstep. Indeed, over the years, thus, becoming synonymous with excellent modular kitchen products. Cosmo employs great build […]

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Bosch Ngm5655uc 500 36 Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop Review 2018


Are you searching a 36-inch gas stove offering a high searing or quick boiling along with abundance room for five pans at a time? Or do you want your stove to have electric ignition system? Then, the Bosch 36″ Gas Cooktop Ngm5655uc 500 Sealed Burner Stainless Steel model is what you desire. It’s innovative design nicely coordinates with the Bosch Ovens Ventilation. In this […]

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