Cosmo COS-965AGF Freestanding/Slide-In Gas Range Review

With the COS-965AGF, Cosmo brings up a product that aims to be a household name in terms of style, durability, and performance. Cosmo has always endeavored to bring up quality products at an affordable price right at your doorstep. Indeed, over the years, thus, becoming synonymous with excellent modular kitchen products. Cosmo employs great build quality materials and assures a top quality product that is guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of users. The product comes with an all-encompassing two-year warranty, unmatched by any competitors. In what is also considered to be a revolutionary feature the COS- 965AGF has this dual feature of being used as a freestanding product or a slide in gas as per convenience.

Key Features


The cooktop is one of the most important parts of the oven. The COS965AGF is equipped with five imported burners that aim to provide a wholesome cooking experience. There are five burners – one triple ring burner worth a power of 13,000 BTU, One Rapid burner worth 10,200 BTU worth of power, Two semi rapid burners worth 6,000 BTU of power each and an auxiliary burner worth 3,500 BTU of power. The cooking power distribution ensures that you don’t need to make any compromises on your cooking prowess.

The burner allows you to control flames as per your requirement from high burning to moderate simmering for those delicate cuisines you may want to prepare. The backsplash which is removable helps easy conversion between the freestanding and slide-in features. The stainless steel metal body adds a superior gourmet edge to the look. Looks as well as performance are guaranteed.

The Oven:

The oven is without fail, the most important part of the burner. While some burners may give stellar performances on the cooking front, they may fail to duplicate their success when it comes to baking. The 19,000 BTU oven is also equipped with a rotating rod that could be used for roasting meat and other tandoor items.


The COS-965AGF oven boasts a capacity of 3.8 cu. ft. While that may not be as large as what the competitors have to offer, it can easily accommodate multiple cooking dishes. The oven is equipped with two burners- The broiler burner and the oven burner. The broiler burner boasts a power of 15,000 BTU and the oven burner has a moderate 19,000 BTU.

The oven interior has a built-in cavity cooling system that ensures that the oven dissipates the heat quickly after the meal has been cooked. The chrome racks that the oven has can be adjusted and rearranged into four different positions for multiple and customized baking needs that may crop up from time to time. The oven also has double oven lights that make checking food while it’s being cooked an easy affair.

Ease of Use:

Simplicity is the key to success when it comes to any modern electrical appliance. This simplicity, however, shouldn’t come at the cost of reduced features. The COS-965AGF has a stainless steel panel that has a total of eight knobs – seven subsidiaries and one main knob that control all aspects of cooking. The dual lights in the oven help illuminate the inner portions of the oven and make it easy to clean. The knobs ensure that you can control the oven temperature almost thermostatically and ensures that you have a great cooking experience. The oven ventilation system ensures a quick and efficient heating as well as cooling system

Some more trivia and numbers

  • The stove requires a Propane conversion kit to work on Propane.
  • It weighs around 180 pounds or 80 kg (approx), as far as burners go, it’s quite light.
  • It is a free standing installation unit and a slide in unit rolled in one.
  • It works on a power supply of 120v
  • The COS-965AGF is a CSA certified product.


  • Five burners are equipped with low precision simmer, high precision simmer and Burning mode
  • A large oven capacity
  • Cavity cooling system
  • Cooking grates for ease of access
  • Easy to use and clean
  • CSA certification
  • Two-year warranty
  • Automatic cut-off timer


  • Height not easily adjustable
  • Requires an extra conversion kit to be used on Propane
  • Does not have downward venting

Final Verdict

When it comes to cooking, you simply realize now that there’s more to gastronomy than meets the eye and that the taste of such delights starts with and includes your choice of a burner. Trying to keep it simple and nontechnical, let me sum up the COS-965AGF for you in a relatable manner, a tad different from the usual crunching of statistics. In a market filled with products that are competing for value, the COS-965AGFalways attracts your eye initially for its gorgeous looks. It then goes on to woo even the most fidgety homemaker with its array of features. The winning touches in this product according to me are the smaller and more conventional features that make the oven an easy experience.

The oven scores high on ease of access. The dual lights, for example, are placed well enough for all cleaning purposes, the light iron cast grates are extremely helpful and durable. To sum it all up, the burners (which are quite a lot in number) are powerful, the grates help do a fine job, it’s easy to clean, well lit, the oven functions brilliantly well and could give any decent burner a run for his money. What more could you actually want from something that looks so great and performs so well too?

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