Deluxe Healthy Legend 11 Pc German Weilburger Ceramic Coating Non-stick Fry Pans and Sauce Pan Cookware set by Healthy Legend – Now Induction Ready Cookware Review 2017

The nonstick pans show a great way for cooking without oil. But, recently many Americans question the harmful impact of the nonstick cookware upon the health. Wait, there are some safe alternatives, like the Healthy Legend cookware. These induction-ready pans come with PTFE and PFOA-free nonstick ceramic coated surface.

You can read this post to dig down the details about this Healthy Legend nonstick ceramic induction cookware set.

What Does this Healthy Legend Cookware Set Offer?

Buying this 11-piece Healthy Legend ceramic induction frypan sauce pan set, you will get:

  • 1pc of medium fry pan 11.2″ (28cm).
  • 1pc of small fry pan 8″ (20cm).
  • 1pc of saucepan 11.2″ (28cm).
  • 1pc of saucepan 1.6 Qt.
  • 1pc of Stockpot 6.2 L.
  • 1pc Square Grill Pan 11.2″.
  • 5 pcs of temper proof glass lid.


Deluxe Healthy Legend 11 Pc German Weilburger Ceramic Coating Non-stick Fry Pans and Sauce Pan Cookware set by Healthy Legend – Now Induction Ready Cookware

Key Features of Healthy Legend Ceramic Induction Cookware Set:

Aluminum Core Aids Even Cooking:

The Healthy Legend cookware set is built with the solid cast aluminum core. It is squeezed under 250-ton pressure to give shape. The Aluminum (Al) metal is a great heat exchanger. It can transmit and distribute the heat evenly through the sidewalls and base of each pan.

What is more, Healthy Legend pots and pans can cook the food evenly. It allows no hot-spot zone. So, the food rarely sticks to the pan or gets burned. More to say, this nonstick set can preserve the food-value.

Induction Compatible Cookware Set:

This Healthy Legend nonstick cooking set is induction-ready. The perfect flat-base helps each pot and pan to work with an induction burner.

And this set comes with built-in iron made discs, which make these pots and pans safe to use with any induction hot plate. But, to get the even heating, you need to place the pan inside the induction ring of your induction stove top.

What is more, you can use these induction pots and pans with any other kind cookers, like the gas burner, electric ovens, glass top, etc.

Weiburger Ceramic Coating:

The Healthy Legend pots and pans bear a unique feature. Its aluminum core comes up with a ceramic coated surface made by the German Weiburger brand. It is termed as “German Weilburger Greblon” ceramic coating.

The Ceramic coating is built with the mineral silica or sand. This ceramic mineral coating offers an optimal heat-resistance power to these pans. What is more, the ceramic coating provides each pot and pan a non-stick surface. And these pans can serve no less than any PFOA based pan-surface.

This nonstick ceramic coating is highly durable. It can serve great for the heavy-duty cooking for the home as well as the semi-commercial use. What is more, these pans’ ceramic interior bears a fine grayish look. You can serve the food in these pans in front of the guests.

Non-Toxic Non-stick Finish:

The Healthy Legend pans are total nonstick. This feature helps to clean the oil particles and food residue easily within a few minutes, unless the pans are burnt heavily.

The PFOA and PTFE are the two most traditional chemicals used for producing the non-stick coatings. But, the Healthy-Legend brand claims that the PFOA and PTFE based chemicals have been excluded from the entire production process of these non-stick pans.

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Passed Safety Standards:

In the traditional process, the non-stick pans are made with the PFOA-chemicals. This type nonstick pan can bear the risk of many health hazards, like cancer. The German Weiburger brand comes up with a great solution to this issue.

It offers a toxic-free non-stick coating. It is 100% free from the harmful substances, like the PTFE, PFOA, etc. As this toxic-free coating is patented by the Weilburger, you won’t get this feature in the other nonstick pan sets.

What is more, this Healthy Legend ceramic coated nonstick cookware set has passed a range of Global Standards of product manufacturing. The approval bodies include the DGCCRF, FDA, REACH, LFGB, ROHS, etc.

No Food-Darkening:

The food darkens, if you set a high-level heat or don’t turn off the burner at the right time. It is a usual issue in our busy life. But, if this happens very often, it may lead to cancer. So, it is the best practice to opt a non-metallic process for cooking.

This Healthy Legend induction set bears a pure ceramic coated cooking surface. This best nonstick cookware set can prevent the food-blackening and save the nutrition.

Tempered Glass Lids:

The Healthy Legend nonstick cookware set comes up with the standard glass built clear lids. Thir tempered glass material offers the break resistance feature. These glass lids also bear trendy looks. And the hollow nobs make them more useful. A clear glass lid will facilitate the user to see the status of the food inside the pan without lifting it.

Balanced Weight & Thickness:

In this Healthy Legend 11-pc set, each pot and pan maintain a balance in it’s size, shape, and weight. These nonstick pots and pans are neither wonky; nor too heavy. The weight is evenly distributed.

And the most amazing fact is, these thick nonstick pans can pass on the heat in an even way through the pan-walls as well as the pan-base. Even cooking makes the food tastier with great flavor and desired browning.

What is more, the optimal thickness and weight of each pan-base prevent the pan from warping. This Healthy Legend ceramic coated set will remind you the traditional ceramic sets.

Fine Workmanship:

The looks of a cookware don’t matter while cooking food. But, it can bear some value, if you serve the food in that pan.

This Healthy Legend cookware set offers an attractive as well as professional look with a dark-grayish exterior with the ceramic coated grayish-blue interior. This neutral and soothing colors make the pots and pans look clean, and seamless.

These pots and pans come with smooth-touch surface without leaving any sharp edge. The handles are long. They can offer an added comfort in handling. The Healthy Legend induction cooking utensils can be a good choice as a wedding-gift.

Easy to Clean:

This Healthy Legend 11-piece set is easy to clean, due to it’s non-stick feature. You can clean these induction pots and pans through a quick hand-wash. These nonstick set will hardly allow food burning.

But if somehow it happens, you can scrub the pan with a pot brush using the mixture of lukewarm water, mild detergent, and baking soda depending on the level of burning. Not to mention, cleaning-up a burnt nonstick pan is easier than a steel pan with a same-level burning.


  • Best cookware for induction burners.
  • Cooks food evenly.
  • Compatible for gas ranges, electric ovens, conventional cookers, etc.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • PFOA and PTFE free nontoxic ceramic coated surface.
  • Less food sticking on nonstick surface & easy cleansing.
  • Approved by REACH, DGCCRF, ROHS, FDA, LFGB, etc.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Clear glass lids allow observing the cooking items.
  • No food darkening & zero cancer-risk.
  • Optimum thickness & balanced weight.


  • In the lid-handle may get a little bit warm, while cooking. You can use gloves or mitts, if necessary.
  • Water can be trapped between the lid-handle and lid-screws. This issue can be solved by placing the lid under flowing water. 
  • It’s Ceramic Surface is not safe to use with any sharp metal utensil. 

Bottom Line:

This Healthy legend cookware set can serve you to cook versatile food with an optimal taste, perfect browning, and full nutrition. It saves the food from the toxic chemicals during the cooking process.

You might often come across a difference of opinions between the users and the professional experts. The pan sets admired by the users might be out of favor with the pros, whereas those cookware sets that receive a decent and plentiful response from the experts might get only average or bad ratings from the customers.

However, considering the pro’s and con’s, we can say that the Healthy Legend ceramic induction frypan saucepan set is one of the great nonstick ceramic induction cookware sets in 2017. Happy Cooking!

Where to Buy Deluxe Healthy Legend 11 Pc German Weilburger Ceramic Coating Non-stick Fry Pans and Sauce Pan Cookware set by Healthy Legend (Now Induction Ready Cookware)?


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