Lodge Cookware Elements SC90SET Review

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Several months ago, I chose the Lodge cast iron skillet from a local store. Hearing about my induction range, the salesman asked me to try the Lodge Cookware Elements SC90SET set. It is an induction ready cookware set offering stainless steel utensils along with the Lodge skillet. I adore stainless steel pots and pans. And, the price tag of this “made in USA” set looked quite reasonable considering product material and quality. So, I grabbed this Lodge induction cookware set. Still today, I am happy with it’s performance and recommend it for others. Have a look to this review post to know the details about Lodge Elements SC90SET 8-Piece Cookware Set, Silver.

What Does Lodge Cookware Elements SC90SET Offer?

Lodge surely deserves credit to maintain a great combination of size and material among pots and pans in this set. Buying this 8-piece Lodge induction compatible cookware set, you get the following cooking utensils:

  • 1.9 and 2.4-Qt Lodge sauce pans with tempered glass lids.
  • 8-Qt Lodge stock pot with tempered glass lid.
  • 3.3-Qt Lodge deep skillet or saute pan.
  • 10 1/4-Inch Lodge skillet with a silicone handle.

Features of Lodge Induction Cookware 8-Pc Set:

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet:

Lodge Manufacturing is a legendary American Company having a great reputation for making cast iron wok. The exclusive gift of Lodge cookware Elements SC90SET is this induction ready Lodge seasoned cast iron skillet. Cast iron offers the best performance in even cooking. It is a handy tool for cooking items like cornbread, egg, fried chicken, chicken breast, etc. Moreover, this Lodge cast iron wok is chemical-free and safe for health. And you don’t need to worry about cleaning issue. Lodge cast iron care is easy. Just follow the manual.

Even Cooking by Multi-layer Clad Bottoms:

Lodge Manufacturing has added the multi-layer-clad bottom to the stainless steel built utensils of this set, including the Lodge deep skillet, saucepans and stock pot. The multi-layer clad bottom assures even heat distribution throughout the pan-base. It prevents “hot spot” creation inside these induction pots and pans. In other words, the multi-layer clad bottom ensures even heating of the cooking ingredients, which adds sublime taste to the food. However, the cast iron naturally features even-heating; so it needs no cladding.

Induction Cookware Set:

Does cast iron work on the induction cooktop? I think this common question is popping up in your mind. The answer is ‘YES’. The Lodge cast iron skillet works fine with induction ranges. Besides this, the other stainless steel built pots and pans provided with this Lodge cookware set are also induction-safe. These induction pots and pans bear multi-layer clad bottoms. However, you can also Lodge induction ready cookware set with the other type cookers, including gas stoves, electric burners, conventional cookers, etc.

Marine-grade Stainless Steel Construction:

The Lodge saucepans, deep skillet and stock pot feature the top quality marine-grade stainless steel construction. This stainless steel is free from corrosion. Another great advantage of this Lodge cookware set is the stainless steel utensils show no reaction to the acidic foods. So, you can enjoy diverse meals and cousins ranging from regular family meals to deluxe cuisines. In simple words, these rust-proof & less sticky stainless steel pots and pans can give you lifetime service with great performance.

Heavy Duty Product:

Each piece of this Lodge stock pot, Lodge sauce pans, and Lodge skillet features heavy-duty construction with a considerable weight. The most striking feature of these Lodge pans is the weight is concentrated to the bottom part. This heavy base prevents each Lodge wok from flipping or/and spinning, while the foods stir at a high-temperature. Unlike other light-weighted aluminum utensils, these Lodge pans never warp or break due to regular use.

Classy Appearance:

This induction cookware set is one of the signature creations of the popular kitchenware brand Lodge Manufacturing. It comes with a gorgeous silvery look. Each Lodge wok features standard material with ergonomic design. The great workmanship has made Lodge cookware pieces sturdy, durable and user-friendly. You can place the Lodge pots and pans on the dining table to serve foods. It’s trendy looks comply with any standard kitchen as well as elegant dining ambient.

Tempered Glass Lids:

The Lodge stock pot and sauce pans come with the standard quality tempered glass lids. Each lid features stainless steel rims. The solid construction of the lids can resist the high pressure of heat and steam. Another great advantage is the weight of each lid assures a snug fitting with it’s respective pot/pan. Each lid sits easily into it’s place. These clear glass lids allow the user to monitor the cooking situation inside the pots and pans without lifting the lid. Moreover, the elegant appearance of these glass covers nicely complements the silvery stainless steel.

Silicon Built Handle Mitt

The Lodge cast iron skillet comes with a silicon built handle mitt. This small but handy utensil offers a great help to shift the warm skillet from a hot oven to any cooler place. Moreover, when the user slides the Lodge skillet, this silicone handler facilitates a firm gripping and saves the user’s gripping-hand from getting burned up due to the steam-impact.

Pros of Lodge Elements SC90SET:

  • Induction cooktop cookware set.
  • Cooks every item properly through even heat distribution.
  • The marine-grade stainless steel construction remains corrosion-free for the lifetime.
  • Less sticky material makes the cleaning task easy.
  • Solid and sturdy construction prevents any situation like warping, breakage, spinning, etc.
  • Tempered lucid glass lids facilitate to monitor the cooking conditions inside the pots and pans.
  • The Lodge cast iron skillet features perfect seasoning.
  • Silicone-built handle mitt facilitates in comfortable gripping and safety from burning.
  • Made in USA.

Cons of Lodge Elements Cookware:

  • This Lodge cookware set cannot be washed with soaps or detergents. But it is easy to wash; as the food residues do not tend to stick to these utensils;
  • The silicone built handle mitt keeps the temperature under control. But, it cannot fully prevent the handle from catching heat, if a very high temperature is set for cooking. To avoid this issue, you can apply a usual pot holder while moving the skillet.

Final Verdict:

This Lodge Elements SC90SET Induction Cookware offers a magnificent combination of the design, quality, material, and durability. It adds sublime taste to the food through even cooking. The high-quality workmanship and top class materials make the Lodge cookware durable and prevent warping. The stainless steel utensils always remain rust-free. Purchasing this 8-piece Lodge cookware set, you can cook safely with the induction range as well as any type burner. Finally, I recommend this best induction cookware under 300, if you want a lifetime gadget for your kitchen.

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