GE CGP350SETSS Cafe 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop Review 2018

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Are you tired of the regular hassles of your age-old gas burner, but still wanna use gas stoves for saving fuel cost? Then go for an efficient gas cooktop equipped with modern features. Here I introduce you to the GE Cafe 30″ Gas Cooktop CGP350SETSS Stainless Steel with Sealed Burners.

This beautifully designed appliance offers well-fitting novelty in the aesthetics of your kitchen ambiance. This GE Cafe Cooktop 30 Inch is not only adorable for pampering your cooking experience in full swing, but also efficient in risk abatement.

It succeeds to perfection in its purpose and automatically enhances the efforts you put into making delicious foods and lastly, improve the quality of the results beyond your expectations! Let’s see what it does offer.

Key Features of GE Cafe 30 Gas Cooktop CGP350SETSS:

Five Heating Elements:

The GE CGP350SETSS Cafe 30 Inch Gas Cooktop comes with five heating elements. Each of these burners features sealed mechanism. The most interesting feature is these burners offer a diversity in their power levels.

Both of the Left-front and right-front burner feature heat generating capacity up to 9100 BTU. The burners lying on left-rear and right-rear corners can generate about 5000 BTU of heating power individually.

The most powerful heating element lies on the central area, which can generate 20,000 BTU of heating power at maximum.

Precise Simmer Burner:

Surely, you have some idea that the preparation of delicate food items and sauces can excel in low heat. The very word ‘simmer’, gives you the idea that low heating conditions prevail which is actually ideal for initiating and maintaining the equal distribution of heat.

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing the GE Cafe 30 Cooktop with precise simmer burners. The simmer burners feature heat generation capacity up to 5,000 BTU. The lowest level of heating temperature can be set up to 140 degrees

20,000 BTU Tri-ring Burner:

A multi-functional, three-in-one burner is incorporated in this GE Cafe cgp350setss Cooktop to speed up the boiling processes. The central burner is the largest with smaller burners on sides. The three-in-one wonder allows the process of simmering to be carried out gently.

This feature makes the GE Cafe30 Gas Cooktop versatile. Now you can try a variety of dishes ranging from regular family meals to deluxe party cousins in your hhome kitchen 

Deep-recessed Cooktop: 

This GE stainless steel gas cooktop boasts a particular cooking surface style. It is termed as deep-recessed design. This special design idea not only improves the stove-top’s appearance, but also makes the process of cleaning more convenient. But how?

This deep-recessed cooktop hardly allows overflow of food or liquid outside the stove-frame. The spills gets accumulated on the steel surface. you can easily clean the spillage after removing the grates.

In simple words, this construction makes the cleaning faster and gives the GE 30 Cooktop CGP350SETSS a seamless look even after heavy-duty cooking chores.

Sealed Burners:

This GE 30 Inch Gas Range comes with five sealed burners. A sealed-design burner can prevent the food-spillage to enter inside the flame. If the food somehow gets spilled over then it remains over the cooktop surface. 

However, the gas jets emanate in a slanting fashion – unlike the straight jets which are released from the open burners – further, makes cleaning task quicker. Thus, sealed burner keeps the cooking process safe, something which an open burner is hardly capable of.

Cast Iron Grates – Continuous & Heavy-duty: 

GE Cafe CGP350SETSS Cooktop‘s strong cooking-surface is adorned with sturdy grates. The material used to make the grates of each burner is cast iron. This material works like magic! It offers an improved cooking-performance along with all its other benefits.

Another great design attribute of this 30 inch GE gas cooktop is that the cast iron grates occur in a continuation, aimed at perfecting what you cook. This design hack not only makes the GE Cafe 30 cooktop heavy-duty but also makes it more sustainable. 

Integrated Non-stick Cast Iron Griddle:

What makes the GE Cafe 30 Inch Gas Cooktop CGP350SETSS exclusive from the other models of it’s the same kind is the inclusion of a non-stick cast iron griddle pan. This integrated griddle can be exchanged in positions with grates on the left side. This interchangeability makes room for fast cooking.

Adding to this, the non-sticky feature of this cast iron griddle pan helps you to cook food which tends to stick to sides or surfaces, like pancakes, eggs, bacon et cetera. The surface is not only non-stick but also large in its dimensions.

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Blue LED Back-lit Knobs:

Does the ever-increasing work pressure or the need to attend to a number of household tasks simultaneously create the dangerous possibility of you forgetting to turn off your cooking burner? Then the GE Cafe30 Gas Cooktop can facilitate you with a tap on your memory. But how?

It can alert you when the burner remains on, with the help of its unique LED knobs. Certainly, this is a unique feature of this GE CGP350SETSS Cafe 30″ Gas Cooktop. It alerts you if you forget to turn off the burner.

So, don’t worry if you are facing endless tasks and switching the burner off slips out of your mind. The grill top looks more stylish due to the presence of the blue knobs.

Easy Access Analog Knobs – Dishwasher Safe:

The 30 GE Cafe Gas Cooktop comes with five heavy-duty knobs. These analog controls are placed on the center-front area of the stainless steel built surface.

There is one control for each sealed burner. So, five controls are provided for total five heating elements. There is also an additional control, which is tagged as ‘Control Lock’.

This GE Cafe Gas Cooktop 30 Inch CGP350SETSS model’s Gas Burners are regulated by manual controls. Thanks to the manufacturer for engraving essential letters, numbers and symbols around the knobs in Black.

It would guide the user about how-to-access the burners and use it’s other actions.

Each control is equipped with a range of heating levels, such as, Lo, 1-9, Hi, etc.. This GE Cafe 30 Stove-top’s heat control mechanism allows you to set the desired temperature on the basis of what you wanna cook.

Another interesting and handy attribute of the GE cafe cooktop CGP350SETSS is that it’s knobs are dishwasher-safe. So, you have to spend less time for cleaning!

Control Lock Option:

Now what is the advantage of this ‘Control Lock’ feature? If you have a child in your family, then the child lock facility can come in handy for you. It will protect your child from accidents and also your inanimate cooking friend from the wrong usage.

It safeguards the GE Cafe 30″ Gas Cooktop CGP350SETSS from activation when left unsupervised.

Other Handy Features:

The GE Cafe Cooktop 30 Inch CGP350SETSS model comes with an LP Conversion Kit. It is undamaged from the effects of dishwashers, which, therefore, can be used for cleaning it. It is durable and has an ignition system which is regulated by electricity. It works with natural gas.


Cooktop Burner Category: 5 Sealed Burners
Cooktop Surface Type: Deep Recess Stainless Steel
Ignition System Type: Electronic
Left Front Burner – Power 9,100 BTU
Left Rear Burner – Power 5,000 BTU (Precise Simmer)
Right Front Burner – Power 9,100 BTU
Right Rear Burner – Power 5,000 BTU (Precise Simmer)
Center Burner – Power 20,000 BTU Tri-ring
Control Type Manual
Cooktop Control Feature Griddle Control, and Child Lock Control
Control Panel Location Front Center
Burner Grate Feature Matte Black, Continuous, Self-Clean and Dishwasher Safe
Burner Grate Material Type Heavy Cast
Dishwasher Safe Knob Yes
Griddle Pan Material Cast Iron
Valves (Degree to Turn) 270
Fuel Types Natural Gas
LP Conversion Kit Included
Product Dimensions: 3 1/4 in x 21 in x 30 in
Product Weight: 39 pounds
Cut Out Dimensions: 28-1/2 x 19-5/8 (W x D) inches
Voltage: 240 Volts
Certifications: ADA Compliant


  • Alerts you.
  • Protects your child.
  • It is compliant with the ADA rules.
  • You can install it over ovens which have single walls, which means that all your cooking can be limited to one place.
  • This can fit and be replaced easily.
  • Dishwashers can safely be used on it.
  • Includes the LP Conversion Kit.


  • No facilities of auto re-ignition.
  • Heavy weighted (39 lbs).

Bottom Line:

Burner cooktops can either be a blessing for your culinary skills or a curse, it all depends on how you use it. Humans are not robots, we cannot remember everything all the time. Thanks to auto shut-off feature in the GE Cafe 30 Inch Gas Cooktop CGP350SETSS. Now your house won’t be at the risk of a nightmare scenario even if you forget to turn the burner off. 

This GE Cafe Gas Cooktop 30″ model is versatile, modern and a sheer technological feat. This product has a big market in the food industry, in restaurants, food joints. So why not make some place for it in your kitchen and revel in the benefits it provides? 

Where to Buy GE CGP350SETSS Cafe 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop?


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