GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30-inch Slide-In Stainless Steel Double Oven Gas Range Review 2017

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Are you looking for a convection double oven gas range that fits in perfectly with your furnished kitchen? Or do you wanna upgrade your age-old gas or electric range? Here is GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30″ Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range Convection Stainless Steel, the right gear for your adorable kitchen.

It offers some exclusive features comparing to it’s alternatives from similar price-ranges. This GE gas range comes with an amazing dual-oven facility that offers two designated areas to cook/bake food.

Buying this machine you also get the GE 30 inch gas cooktop range-top bearing five sealed gas burners. All the burners, as well as the dual ovens, come with separate controls. This product might just give you more than what it costs in the market.

Here is a detailed review of the GE Profile PGS950SEFSS 30 Inch Stainless Steel  Sealed Burner Double Oven Slide-In Convection Gas Range. Hope it helps!

Key Features of GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30″ Gas Range Convection:

GE Profile 30 Gas Cooktop Rangetop – Five Sealed Gas Burners:

What makes this GE Profile Range standout from other conventional gas ranges is it’s diversity in the power and size of heating elements. It allows the burners to reach diverse temperature levels ranging from the strong boiling to precise simmering. 

The GE Range Top 30 bears five sealed gas burners featuring diverse thermal power generation capacities which make them specific for different usage.

This 5 burner slide in gas range bears a Tri-ring burner, an oval-shaped burner, and a precise simmer burner in place alongside two others. Whether the temperature-level takes a dip or rise, the GE Profile 30 Gas Range model’s every burner can efficiently prove its worth.

On the left side of this GE Profile gas cooktop rangetop, you will find two burners.

The front one is a tri-ring burner. It can create up to 20,000 BTU heating power. Such a high-level power range is efficient for strong boiling. Water boils extremely quickly on this burner, and there is no hassle when you wanna boil a bulk amount of liquid for preparing your dish.

Not-to-mention this GE 30 Gas Range can save your precious time during the cooking process.

If you cook often, you must have felt the need of a precise simmering burner for melting chocolates or simmering sauces. Buying this GE 5 burner gas range you can enjoy this facility.

On the left-rear side of this GE Range Top, you would find a seal-in gas burner featuring about 5,000 BTU thermal power. This burner can arrive as low as 140 degrees even heating temperature, which can give you a Precise Simmer

Now, if you turn on the right-side of this GE Profile 30 Rang-top, you will find two other gas burners. The front and rear-side burner can generate up to 11,000 BTU and 9,000 BTU respectively.

Another interesting thing this buying this GE slide in Range is it’s central oval shape burner that offers ample space. This oval burner features about 10,000 BTU power. 

This Oval-shape burner can efficiently distribute the heat to any large-size pan. It also provides flexibility to hold a griddle, which is certainly an added advantage of this GE Profile Series 30″ range Top.

This GE Profile Range range comes with a highly efficient temperature control mechanism. You will find the rangetop’s controls are on the dashboard placed in the front of the machine.

All the 5 burners can be easily accessed and controlled through the knobs placed there.

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GE Profile Double Oven Gas Range – Broiling & Convection:

The most exciting feature of this GE Profile Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range model is that it comes with double ovens with separate warming drawers. The total capacity of the GE double oven units measures about 6.8 cubic feet in total that fashions a lot of space.

Interestingly, these GE dual ovens are meant for two different purposes. The smaller one is attached to the top and the larger one takes place near the bottom.

A broiler is also included in the top-oven. Here you can broil meat, or vegetables with proper heat. This oven is really great for reheating the food, which is always fun! 

The lower one features convection capability. This warming drawer is meant to bake things faster. It takes little time to heat up and does reach the desired temperatures faster.

Especially, during the baking expeditions, it heats up quickly and there is not a lot of fussing to do about it. You can bake restaurant menus at your home or semi-restaurant kitchen, using this GE Convection Range.

A fan is present in this bottom-oven which helps in distributing the heat evenly. These features elevate this GE profile 30 model out of the competition with many other products out there.

So, it won’t be overwhelming to say that the GE profile double oven Gas range gives you greater freedom with awesome flexibility in terms of what you want to cook, broil or bake and how you want to do so. 

Easily Accessible Control Panel:

At first sight, you may think that operating this GE Profile Slide-In Gas Range Double Oven model could be tricky. In reality, this big machine is easy-to-use by virtue of it’s organized control-panel along with a LED display.

One of the best features of the GE profile PGS950SEFSS model is that it provides all the controls in one single place. You won’t have to fumble all around the dashboard trying to figure out what is what and where the next switch is.

Because everything starting from the Self-clean grate to the Convection roast is handled from here. The controls feature glass-touch design. It’s front controls are well-organized bearing clear markings.

These features make this GE Double Oven Gas Range easily accessible to the users, even the teenagers as well as the older citizens. Now figure out the dish that you will be serving, then allocate time accordingly and the GE Profile Gas Range won’t let you down!

GE Self Cleaning Oven Mechanism:

It is often a problem with ovens as well as machines of the same size to be cleaned properly. The fact that these machines are cumbersome to reach into is something that GE has realized.

In the process of manufacturing the GE PGS950SEFSS Gas Range, the clever applications of modern design and latest technology have made the entire procedure easy and hassle-free.

The modern kitchen appliances not only offer superb performance in cooking/baking the food but also cut down your hard work after the cooking. This GE Convection Double Oven Gas Range features exclusive Self-Clean mechanism.

There is a Self-Clean Roller Rack with the Upper-Oven’s Rack. Moreover, the lower oven’s racks come with a Flat Self-Clean Rack.

These mechanisms keep the oven-inside clean. Therefore, you do not have to worry about how much time it will take you to clear it out or dread the date every month when you have to scrub the tray thoroughly.

Not to mention this GE appliance can be the best friend of a working mom. It is also a blessing when you often arrange party’s at home, but have less time for cleaning.

Innovative Design with Smart Outlook:

The GE Profile 30 Slide-in Gas Range features elegant looks. The interior dimensions of the upper oven are 24 Width x 9-1/2 Height x 19-1/8 Depth – inches and for lower oven the measurements are 24 W x 15 H x 20-5/8 D (inches).

The Overall Depth 29 1/2 inches. The overall height is 39-1/4 inches and the overall width 30 inches. And depth with Door Open is about 43-3/4 inches. 

The product’s shipping dimensions are 43 W x 34.5 H x 31.2 D – inches. For the whole machine, the net weight stands about 225 lb and the shipping weight is about 245 lb appx.

Although this GE Range comes with a bulk size it can nicely assimilate itself with your kitchen furniture and make the kitchen-ambient look more elegant. But how?

The magic lies into it’s Slide In design. Unlike the freestanding models, the slide-in feature is extremely sleek and gives the entire machine a nice look when it is placed with other kitchen furniture. The GE profile 30 range top bears sealed gas burners built with heavy duty cast iron griddles.

The GE Range Top makes an awesome combination with the GE double ovens. This machine features a glossy silver outlook which coupled with standard stainless steel construction.

What is more, the GE Profile 30 Inch gas range machine’s beauty is enhanced by it’s front-controls. Those glass-controls and steel knobs are lying on the dashboard placed on the front side of this machine.

Whether you place this GE stainless steel gas range in a restaurant or home-kitchen or dining space, this machine would make it’s surrounding look more gorgeous. And near the bottom-side the proud GE logo makes this Gas Range look classy.


Configuration: Dual Oven Range.
Fuel Type: Natural Gas (factory set).
Cooking Technology: Upper – Traditional & Lower – Convection.
Ignition Mechanism: Electronic.
Oven Cleaning Mechanism: Self-cleaning.
Rangetop Burner Type: Five Gas Burners (Sealed).
Rangetop Surface: Stainless Steel, Deep Recessed and Overhanging.
Rangetop Burners Grate Type: Edge-to-Edge Grates.
Rangetop Burners Grate Material: Heavy Duty Cast Iron.
Left Front Burner Power: 20,000 BTU (Boil).
Left Rear Burner Power: 5,000 BTU (Precise Simmer).
Right Front Burner Power: 11,000 BTU.
Right Rear Burner: 9,100 BTU.
Center Oval Burner: 10,000 BTU.
Control/knob Location: Front controls.
Control Button Type: Glass Touch.
Oven Controlling Features: Audible Preheating Signal; Automatic Recipe Conversion; Auto Self Cleaning; Certified Sabbath Mode; Convection Baking; Convection Roasting; Dual Broiling (Upper Oven); and Front Controls.
Dual Oven Cooking Modes: Convection Bake & Convection Roast.
Capacity (Cu. Ft.): Upper Oven – 2.5 and Lower Oven 4.3.
Total Capacity (Cu. Ft.) 6.8 cu ft.
Shipping Dimensions (inches) 43 W x 34.5 H x 31.2 D.
Shipping Weight 245 lbs.



  • The GE Range Top five sealed gas burners providing diverse heat-levels ranging from a strong-boil to a precise simmer.
  • The cast iron grates are heavy-duty and sturdy-built. 
  • The sleek finish gives the entire model a nice touch with a stainless steel top.
  • It’s double ovens allow you to cook/bake whatever you desire.
  • The knobs and buttons are right in front of the user providing easy access to the broiler, ovens, and rangetop. 


  • The placement of the better oven is quite irritating. The one that bakes better and also has a better heating technology is placed on the bottom, whereas the one that can be used for re-heating is placed right on top. This means that the top oven will be prone to more usage!
  • The rangetop provides only an average quality to the user in terms of heating. It takes longer to boil things on it than on other machines which fall under the same category.

Bottom Line:

The Ge Profile double oven slide in gas range is quite expensive. But it returns a great value for your hard-earned money. It offers some exclusive features comparing to it’s alternatives from similar price-ranges. 

With its interesting combination of 5 sealed gas burners along with dual ovens, this GE slide in gas range appears as a perfect kitchen appliance giving you the liberty to cook and bake whatever you want. The custom settings will let you use the classic features such as Convection roast as well as introduce you to the new ones like self-clean. The two oven set is the most commendable feature of this GE Convection Range unit.

The GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30″ Slide In Double Oven Gas Range is not only sleek and slender in its design, but also looks classy. Even if this gas range is slightly cumbersome to use, it’s user-friendly design makes it always flexible for regular heavy-duty cooking and baking tasks.

On the whole, the GE Profile PGS950SEFSS Double Oven Gas Range is a great buy for anyone who wants to prepare restaurant class meals at the home-ambient!

Where to Buy GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Double Oven Range – Convection?


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