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Cuisinart Double Induction cooktop ict60 (Black) Review 2018


If you wanna buy a double induction cooktop, but worried about the probable ‘hike’ of your electricity bill, then have a look on the Cuisinart double induction cooktop ICT60.  This model offers even heating performance coupled with a superb energy-efficient mechanism. It can literally help you to cook bulk food in less than half a time without compromising the […]

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True Induction TI-2B Double Burner Induction Cooktop Review 2018 | Counter Inset Model


Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? If so, then don’t miss the exclusive features of True Induction Cooktop TI-2B. This futuristic induction cooktop combines the benefits of induction cooking with great features of modern kitchen concept. This double burner induction coooktop counter inset model offers faster cooking performance with efficient heat sharing system. This article presents a brief review on this True Induction […]

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