Le Creuset Cherry Red 20-pc Cookware Review 2018

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Are you looking more a complete collection handy cooking utensils featuring heavy duty construction, then have a look upon this Le Creuset Cookware Set offering 20-piece signature collections.

Le Creuset’s exclusive manufacturing allows these utensils to cook tasty meals with proper browning and flavor. Let’s see the main features, pros and cons of this set.

What Does the Le Creuset Cookware Set Offer?

This Le Creuset Set comes with a range of ceramic coated pots and pans in diverse size, type and usability. Lets’ see what it offers.

  • 1pc of Cast Iron Le Creuset Skillet: 10.25 inches.
  • 1pc of Cast Iron Le Creuset Saucepan with Cover: 1.75-Qt.
  • 1pc of Cast Iron Le Creuset Dutch Oven with Cover: 4.5- Qt.
  • 1pc of Stoneware Le Creuset Rectangular Dish with Cover: 4- Qt.
  • 6 pcs of Le Creuset Utensil Set.
  • 1pc of Enameled Steel Le Creuset Stock Pot with Cover: 8- Qt.
  • 4 pcs of Mini Round Stoneware Le Creuset Cocottes with Lids: 8-ounce.
  • 64 page Le Creuset Cookbook with Softcover.

Le Creuset Cherry Red 20-piece Cookware Set

Key Features of Le Creuset Cookware Set:

Signature Collection:

It is needless to mention that signature collection offers something special and unique. Buying Le Creuset 20-piece collection you will get a versatile collection of utensils in different size, shape and utilities. This collection brings a nice blending of Le Creuset’s classic design style with modern culinary technology.

This signature collection includes a skillet, a saucepan and a round-shape Dutch oven built with cast iron. And these utensils are made in France.

This collection also includes a rectangular-shape dish built with stoneware, and a steel built stock pot. Adding to these, it offers four Mini-size Round-shape Cocottes, and six-piece Silicone built Utensil Set made in Thailand.

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Even Cooking Performance:

These Pots and pans are produced from durable and high-efficient heat distributor metals, like, cast iron, steel, stoneware, etc. And the most interesting about this Le Creuset set is it’s items are unique in their material, based on their specific utility.

For instance, the skillet, saucepan, and Dutch oven are built with cast iron. And their cooking surface is further coated with black enamel. Who doesn’t know the efficient heat distribution quality of cast iron.

And the enamel coating can seal in the inner-liquid of the raw items without seasoning. So, you can cook a great meal with desired taste, flavor and browning, which won’t bear the least of iron-smelling.

In the same way, the stoneware built dish, as well as the steel built stockpot, offers even cooking performance by virtue of their material. These utensils also bear enamel coated cooking surface. 

Comfortable Handling:

The manufacturer claims that the handles of Le Creuset utensils are considerably larger (about 45%) than the average utensils found in the market.

The motto of this exclusive design-idea is to distribute the weight in an even way. It offers a confident but easy grip, especially when the user wears the oven mitts.

Flexible Usage:

Cooking, storing and serving with Le Creuset is always safe and enjoyable. This high-end cookware collection comes with a great thermal resistance ability ranging from as low as -65°F to as high as 500°F.

All of these Le Creuset pots and pans are safe for storing food in the freezer. You can place these utensils inside the microwave oven keeping the temp within 500°F. This Le Creuset pan set is also broiler safe.

Efficient Packaging:

While researching about this product we found that the consumers have highly praised the well-design packaging system of Le Creuset 20-piece set. It allows you to get and transport this product with greater convenience without risk of breakage or warpage.

Therefore, Le Creuset set can also be chosen as a gift item for your dear ones living far or near.

Durable Long Lasting Service:

The durability of these pots and pans are beyond question. The cast iron, steel, and stoneware manufacturing will make the Le Creuset utensils last longer for many years. The enamel coated cooking surface can check the scratches, stains, and breakage.

Moreover, it’s heavy-duty stoneware fights against the miniaturization of the pan-materials. It keeps the pan-materials away from unduly cracks, warps and rippling.

Adding to these, the exterior portion of these utensils come with the top-quality enameled surface that prevents the metal spots or other kind damages. The Le Creuset pots and pans can serve your kitchen for generations if cared properly.

Versatile Color Options:

It obviously looks a bit odd, if some utensils don’t comply with the other existing collections. However, considering this issue the manufacturer has brought Le Creuset collection in six gorgeous color options, namely the Caribbean, Cherry Red, Flame, Marseille, Palm, and Soleil.

Though availability of these color options depends upon the stock, not so many collections can give you such opportunity!

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Long-term Investment:

It is certain that Le Creuset 20-piece collection asks for a considerably high price-tag. You can buy two/three average quality sets investing this money.

The average quality cookware sets can hardly offer such a combination of high-end performance with superb durability backed up with Lifetime Warranty.

If you wanna make a long-term quality investment for your adorable home-kitchen or semi-restaurant, then go for the Le Creuset.


  • Versatile Signature Collection.
  • Heavy-duty Construction.
  • Even Cooking Performance.
  • Oven-safe.
  • Freezer-safe.
  • Broiler Safe.
  • Metal-Safe.
  • Six color options.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


  • Expensive than average quality sets.
  • Comes with Solid Lids instead of Clear Glass Lids. 

Bottom Line:

Le Creuset collection offers you something special in terms of kitchen-performance, quality material, versatile collection, longer life-span, flexible usage, smart looks and Lifetime Warranty.

Though it bears a high price-tag, it is worth your hard earned money in the long run. Happy Cooking!

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