LG LDG3036ST Freestanding Gas Range, 30-Inch, Stainless Steel Review 2018

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If you are searching for an efficient gas range equipped with modern technological advancements, then go for this LDG3036ST LG Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range, 30 Inch, Stainless Steel model. It’s double oven facility can make your work twice faster and enhance your cooking experience doubly easier!

In the presence of this LG Double Oven Gas Range, your kitchen achieves a stylish look. You can save a large amount of your precious time when working with it to prepare mouth-watering pizzas and burgers.

You can arrange house parties with friends and relish your favorite junk food items without having to travel to food joints! Let’s see what this LG Freestanding Range has to offer!

Key Features of LG LDG3036ST Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range:


Five Burner LG Cooktop 30 Inch:

The LG Gas Range 30 Inch offers a range of options. It bears a range-top cooktop placed over the dual ovens. The LDG3036ST stainless steel double oven model’s range-top gas burners feature a variation in their range of power levels.

When the five burners work on your food item, you can imagine how simple the process becomes for you. 

  • The left-front and left-rear burners can generate up to 12000 BTU and 9100 BTU heating power respectively.
  • There is an Oval shaped single burner located in the central area of the range-top cooktop. It features 8000 BTU heating power at maximum. It can accommodate a griddle pan, which would give you additional opportunity to cook delicious food. 
  • The most powerful burner lies on the right-front corner providing the capability of generating up to 17000 BTU.
  • On the other hand, the least power generating burner is placed on the right-rear featuring 5000 BTU at maximum. 

When you have the LG Cooktop 30 Inch, you don’t need to think about what item you have to cook depending on any shortcoming on the part of your cooktop.

Rather you can choose burner considering it’s size and power to complete specific cooking tasks, like frying, stirring, boiling, warming, etc. You can prepare different dishes at a time, even if the required temperatures for each of them differ.

Sealed Gas Burners:

People who cook food on a regular basis is a common prey to the awful experience of food spilling. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing Sealed-in design to each burner of this LDG3036ST LG 30 Inch Gas Cooktop Range-top. 

Each of these sealed burners bears a seal placed between the heating element or burner and the burning frame which accommodates a cooking pot/pan above it. Unlike an open burner, the sealed burner doesn’t allow the exposure of the flame into an open air.

As the components of a sealed burner are covered, this system allows no food-spills or food-crumbs to fall inside the burner-flame. The sealed burner features a single-piece surface around all of it’s sealed burners. The sealed burners are easy-to-clean. 

This clever design idea saves you from extra hard work for cleaning the burned food. Now, you can achieve easy warming and have cooked food on your plate really fast by putting a minimal level of careful effort. 

SuperBoil™ Burner – 17,000 BTU:

As mentioned before this LG Stainless range-top cooktop comes with five burners and among them, the most powerful burner features heat generating capacity of 17,000 BTU. This SuperBoil™ Burner makes this Model exclusive from it’s alternative ranges. 

This burner can provide greater speed to the functioning of this LG Oven Range-top cooktop. Water and other liquids boil way faster than in other ovens. So, now you can cut down on your regular waiting sessions.

Metal Knobs for Hassle-free Range-top Operation:

Many people think that handling a cooking range-top cooktop might be tricky. However, it is quite effortless for this LG Gas Range Double Oven Range-top Cooktop. Intelligent design makes it easier for the users of all ages to handle it’s five gas burner cooktop.

There are five knobs in total, one for each single gas burner. These heavy-duty metal knobs are placed on the front-side of the range-top heating elements. Not to mention, these user-friendly controls give you the freedom to manage each heating element individually depending upon necessity. 

The bold lettering on these knob controls gives you clearer instructions and removes confusion. The large knobs make it easy to use and turn on the burner. Furthermore, these steel knobs are attached to a stainless steel built platform.

Interestingly, this smooth-touch glossy steel platform maintains an oblique position. This not only stylizes its appearance but also prevent them from any accidental touch of the cookware.

Isn’t it a brilliant idea to add a touch of glamour to your adorable kitchen while enjoying a massive boost to your cooking skill, style, and speed? 

LG Double Oven Gas Range – Huge Capacity:

Buying LDG3036ST Lg Dual Oven Range you would hardly feel the issue of limited space. The LG Gas Range with Double Oven gives an amount of space that you cannot complain about. The 6.1 cu. ft. of space is the entire amount of the usable space.

  • The Upper Oven is provided with the capacity of 2.2 Cu. Ft. area inside the window. Both the Broil Burner and the Baking Element of this Upper Oven are equipped with the heat generating capacity of 14,500 btu/h at maximum.
  • The Lower Oven features a larger accommodating capacity of 3.9 Cu. Ft. area. Here you will find two racks. The Baking Element of this Lower Oven can generate as high as 16000 btu/h energy.

Now you can imagine the vast extent of your cooking range. As this LG Double Oven facility provides you a lot of space, you can cook using large pans or skillets. More room is added due to the presence of the sleek up controls on the front side.

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Easy-Oven-Access By IntuiTouch™ Controls:

LG Freestanding Gas Range LDG3036ST model is equipped with a range of functions. These functions can be easily controlled through the digital touch control panel.

This control panel lies on the sleek dashboard vertically attached over the range-top. All of these controls are well-organized and easy-to-manage. You can scroll the display screen featuring IntuiScroll™ mechanism. It would simplify your activities further.

On the left side of the screen, you will find the Oven’s temperature control functions. And on the right-side of this display, you will find the baking functions that regulate the LG Double Oven’s cooking performance.

LG Double Oven Control Functions – Versatile Cooking Modes:

The Upper Oven functions are provided with a range of cooking modes, including Bake, Pizza, Broil, and Warm. On the other hand, the Lower Oven features further exciting capabilities, such as Convection Bake, Convection Roast, and Bake. These ovens also offer some exclusive options, including, Proof, Warm, Favorite.

Besides these, both ovens have their respective functions, those are Oven Light, Timer and On/Off controls. Adding to these, the LG Dual Oven Stainless Steel Range offers some handy options, like, Delay Bake, Delay Clean, Automatic Shut-Off, etc., which makes the cooking/baking task much enjoyable as well as comfortable.

Greater capacity gives this LG Gas Stove Double Oven the strength to be more versatile, as a result of which, your cooking process gains flexibility. You can try baking, convection baking, convection roasting, etc. diverse preparations at your home-kitchen and get the taste like restaurants or bakeries.

Thus, with LG Dual Oven Range, you can hone your cooking skill through trying several different dishes simultaneously. Let’s just say that your holidays and picnics are made more ‘delicious’. 

EvenJet™ Fan Convection Technology:

This feature sets the temperature at the ideal level, best suited for the heating. This sets for you the suitable temperature required for quickening the preheating phenomena. Your cooking is reinforced with the qualities of precision. This too is a unique facility.

LG Self Clean Oven – EasyClean™ Technology:

Reduce your cleaning hours to minutes with the help of this feature. You can thus be free of those tiresome hours that you just had to devote to cleaning. With this LG Freestanding Gas Range product, you are facilitated with EasyClean™. It is an effective technology featuring oven cleaning support system.

The EasyClean™ functions in three simple steps:

  • First, spray water in the insides of the oven;
  • Next, press EasyClean button;
  • Then remove all the dirt and residues in just 20 minutes.

You can finally avoid using chemicals or high heat which is known for keeping your ovens spic-and-span.


  • The griddle on the burner positioned in the middle is helpful as a warming section and not for cooking.
  • LG has managed to manufacture for its customers in the oven industry, a reasonably priced broiler pan.
  • You can get your oven back to its clean condition within a few minutes with the EasyClean™.
  • The Superboil™ 17,000 BTU burner helps you cook your meals faster than you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • The double oven facility helps you cook large volumes without shedding much sweat. You can prepare two dishes at the same time, at two different temperature settings and the large pans let you stir the food faster.
  • The IntuiScroll™ display helps your operations to proceed with convenience.
  • This Freestanding Gas Range is equipped with LP Conversion System.


  • Makes a lot of noise which cannot be turned off while using the product.
  • It comes with a limited warranty period of one year.
  • You could find the top oven a tad too small for your purpose.
  • The knobs have often been found not to be made of stainless steel. Some kind of low-grade metal foil is used which recoils due to exposure to heat.

Bottom Line:

The LG LDG3036ST model takes your cooking and baking experience to a new height. Now you can try diverse types of dishes ranging from everyday family meals to party main courses in your home kitchen. And, this LG Stainless Steel Gas Range could be an efficient appliance for a semi-restaurant or bakery.

This LG Double Oven Freestanding Gas Range featuring EasyClean™ as well as IntuiTouch™ Controls allows you to cook in your comfortable, traditional way while also facilitating your experience with speed and better taste. Users face no trouble in maintaining and cleaning it.

You can think of more number of cooking alternatives and make more challenging culinary experiments with the use of this product. The increased flexibility is a sure consequence of working with the LG five burner gas cooktop coupled with LG double ovens featuring about 6.1 cu.ft. space.

So, why wait to purchase something that won’t keep you waiting long from giving you the desirable outputs? Make space for this LG Freestanding Range in your kitchen and turn your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and special meals for weekends super interesting!

Where to Buy LG LDG3036ST Freestanding Gas Range, 30-Inch, Stainless Steel?


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