GE PS950SFSS 30" 6.6 cu. ft. Capacity Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range in Stainless Steel Review 2018

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Tired of being in the kitchen for the entire Christmas Eve? Would you like something more out of your electric range? Or are you an aspiring home cook who would just love the possibilities of an electric range? Here is GE Profile 30 Slide In Double Oven Electric Range Convection PS950SFSS, a perfect solution for all of those scenarios.

This amazing cooking range can offer you more than your expectation. Here goes a detailed review of the GE ps950sfss slide-in electric range. Hope it helps!

Key Features of GE Profile 30 Slide In Double Oven Electric Range PS950SFSS:

Black Ceramic Glasstop – Radiant Smoothtop:

GE Profile 30 Slide-in Electric Range GE PS950SFSS unit’s range-top is built with black ceramic glass. The continuous and smooth-touch ceramic glass-top surface is easy-to-clean. This radiant smooth-top features a gorgeous outlook, which makes the whole unit look elegant.

Overhanging Cooktop Burners – Expandable Bridge Zone:

The GE Profile Double Oven Electric Range Slide In PS950SFSS comes with an overhanging cooktop. It features about 30 inch in width. In this Rangetop, the largest heating element is found on the right-front in a very convenient position.

Unlike the usual cooktops, this heating element features a bridging zone of three radiant heating-circles with different diameters but a common center. These three heating circles (elements) feature 12-inch, 9-inch, 6-inch diameters respectively.

This heating element can generate about 3600 watts of Power Boil capacity at maximum, which is certainly an industry-leading feature. 

The element lying at the left-front corner has a bridge zone with two heating circles bearing same center and different diameters like the aforementioned heating elements.

These heating circles feature 8-inch and 5-inch diameters. This heating element can generate as high as 1900 watts of power.

On the left-rear side, there is a single heating circle with 8-inch diameter. This heating element features about 2000 Watts of power generation capacity.
The smallest heating zone lies on the right rear corner of this range-top.

This heating element bears a single heating circle bearing 6-inch diameter offering about 1200 watts of heating-power capacity.

These heating elements can work with all types of cookware, including ceramic cookware, stainless steel pots and pans, cast iron pans, etc.

Rangetop Warming Zone:

Besides the upper-mentioned four burners, the GE Profile 30 Slide-In Electric Range PS950SFSS unit’s bears a special burner which can warm the food. On the center-front side of the rangetop, there is a single circle heating element featuring about 6-inch diameter.

Unlike the aforementioned heating elements, this fifth heating element is a convenient warming zone. It is equipped with melt setting capability for delicate ingredients like butter. Using this warm mode, you can keep the food warm until it is time to serve. 

Easy Access to Rangetop Burners:

GE Profile Series 30 PS950SFSS model’s Range-top heating elements are easy to operate. There are five indicator lights that turn on with the burners so that you know which burner you are using at the moment.

It has 19 power level adjustments, with half level increments. This versatility offers you the freedom to use these heating elements according to pan-size or what you desire to cook at the moment.  

Spacious Double Oven:

GE Profile Double Oven Range PS950SFSS has covered about 24″ W by 8-7/8″ H by 18-1/4″ D area inside it’s upper oven. This traditional setting upper oven covers about has a 2.2 cu.ft. area. 

The upper oven has two heating elements, the top element visible and the lower one hidden. It is not a convection oven. This upper oven comes with one roller rack and two rack positions. 

Adding to this, the GE Profile PS950SFSS model comes with a 4.4 cu.ft. lower convection oven covering about 24″ W by 17-1/2″ H by 18-1/4″ D area inside. This oven bears 2 self-clean heavy-duty oven racks and seven rack positions.

The most exciting feature of this GE Electric Range product is that it’s lower oven is equipped with True European convection along with Precise Air technology. It features third-level heating elements along with a reversing fan that circulates hot air throughout the oven.

This process facilitates an optimum level of heat-air circulation inside the oven, which provides a better cooking, baking, and perfect convection as well. So, this GE Slide-In Range PS950SFSS model offers you an advanced level convection range.

In total, the GE Profile 30 Slide In Double Oven Electric Range Convection PS950SFSS features about 6.6 cubic feet capacity. Both of these upper and lower oven have their separate 8-pass broils element along with hidden bake zone. If both ovens work together, they can cook entire meals for the family.

Versatile Oven Controlling Features:

Versatility is the most amazing benefit of buying this GE Convection Range. It’s Auto recipe conversion feature would give you the freedom of cooking diverse recipes at home or semi-restaurant kitchen. The Ge Convection Oven brings the restaurant kitchen at home ambient!

Besides this, the GE PS950SFSS double oven is provided with a range of exciting features, such as, Fast Preheat, audible preheat signal, Hi / Low Broil, Electronic Clock and Kitchen Timer, override, Delay Bake (or Time Bake) Option, Oven Meat Probe, Control Lock Capability, C° or F° Programmable display, Certified Sabbath Mode, auto oven shut-off, etc.

Each of these handy and efficient features would help you to cook/bake the food with desired taste, flavor and browning. It won’t be overwhelming to say that this GE Profile 30 Dual Oven Electric Range machine helps you to cook a restaurant meal at home!

Self Cleaning Option:

Apart from those mentioned before, in this GE Convection Electric Range the double-ovens feature Self-clean option. It keeps the range clean, healthy and new despite heavy-duty usage.

What is more, this GE Electric Convection Range is equipped with two heavy-duty steel Oven Racks capable of Self-Cleaning. It’s Delay Clean Option along with Self-Clean Cool Down Time Display control makes the cleaning task more flexible. 

Just imagine, if you own this amazing machine, you can cook/bake whatever you like, without going through the hassle of manual-cleaning!

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Heavy-duty Structure with Delectable Looks:

The GE Profile PS950SFSS range-top’s exterior portion features a sleek design built with stainless steel, which fits smoothly into your modern kitchen. The range has a free-standing, cut-out flush appearance, which is termed as Slide In design.

The overall unit is built with standard stainless steel material featuring sturdy and heavy-duty construction. It’s overall dimensions are 37.2″H x 28.9″D x 31.2″W weighing 225 lbs. And this GE Profile Stainless Steel Double Oven Electric Range PS950SFSS works with 240-volt.

The range-top’s surface area is built-with grayish patterned ceramic glass with overhanging cooktops. This smooth-touch continuous glass-top bears about 5 heating elements. 

These radiant burners look magnificent while operating. Another great feature is that GE Profile Series 30″ PS950SFSS model bears Front-Controls. 

The oven interior is dark and light gray. The designer style stainless steel oven handle and big view oven window add to the aesthetic appearance. The upper oven has one halogen and incandescent lights, while the lower oven has a halogen light alone.

Overall, this GE Double Electric Built In Ovens appliance is sleek, stylish and entirely worthy of the money that you spend on it.

Glass Touch Front Controls:

At the first sight, it might seem that operating the GE PS950SFSS 30″ Electric Slide In Double Oven Range would be a complex task. However, in reality, this machine is quite easy to run. The control panel is found on the dashboard attached to the front-side of the glass-top.

You will find a separate group of controls for the rangetop and the ovens. The rangetop-controls are placed on the right and left of the panel. On the other hand, the controls of the ovens’ are located in the central area of the dashboard.

The displayed temperature is programmable in or . These controls are glass touch, so those are easy-to-clean. Thanks to the manufacturer for designing the control panel in an organized-format; as it offers the user an easy access to every function of range-top as well as the double-ovens. 

Product Reliability:

GE PS950SFSS 30″ 6.6 cu. ft. Capacity Side In Double Oven Electric Convection Range in Stainless Steel model is undoubtedly an expensive product. So, it behooves you to justify it’s readability and certification issues.

This product is provided with a one-year limited warranty for parts and labor. Moreover, the GE Electric Convection Range PS950SFSS model is ADA compliant and Star-K® certified.

You don’t need to worry operating this machine, even if you have young kids at time. It’s control lock capability keeps it safe around children. If you prefer products Made in America then this is the best one for you.

The GE Profile 30 Slide In Double Oven Electric Range PS950SFSS model is Made-in-USA with 70 to 90 percent U.S content.

Therefore, this GE product promises a trustable build that will delight you for many years with it’s best possible service.

GE Appliances Fit Guarantee:

GE appliances fit guarantee ensures that you do not have to worry about whether the new GE Double Oven Electric Convection Range PS950SFSS model will fit into your kitchen.

If your kitchen needs to be modified for the GE to fit in, the guarantee takes care of the installation charges up to the limit specified by the company.

Consumers of the GE freestanding range especially will benefit from this, for it guarantees that the upgrade to a slide-in will be a perfect fit if you previously owned a freestanding range.

The list of appliances that can be thus replaced with the new slide-in range is available on the GE Product’s official website.

You Can Check Out the GE PS950SFSS Specs


  • 5 heating elements including warming zone.
  • 6.6 cu. ft. total oven capacity.
  • Self-clean roller rack.
  • Oven meat probe.
  • Expandable cooktop zone.
  • Electronic up front touch pads.
  • Power Boil option.
  • Hidden Bake option for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  • GE Fits! Guarantee.
  • Control lock capability.
  • Great specs for reasonably low price.
  • Fast pre-heat in both ovens.
  • Certified Sabbath mode.
  • Warm mode.
  • Stylish and sleek appearance.


  • Needs some getting used to.
  • Needs pans that work specifically on radiant glass cooktops.
  • Sensitive keys—accidental touches turn them on or off.
  • No power cord supplied with the range.
  • Bending down to use huge utensils in the lower oven might prove difficult.
  • Not Energy Star certified.
  • Spills may seep in between the glass panels.
  • No drawer available as storage space.
  • Makes time management in traditional recipes obsolete.

Bottom Line:

GE PS950SFSS Profile 30″ Slide In Double Oven Electric Range Convection in Stainless Steel model is a combination of style and performance. The 5-element bridge zone provides just as much energy as is needed, while the double ovens cook entire meals performing together.

This GE Electric Convection Oven range is priced reasonably for its high-end features and its aesthetic appeal is a plus that adds significantly to your kitchen. In appearance, performance, and capability, this GE Double Oven Electric Range model is an amazing kitchen appliance that can’t disappoint you.

Where to Buy GE PS950SFSS 30″ Slide In Double Oven Electric Range Convection?



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