Whirlpool W3CG3014XS 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop Review 2018

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Cooking is an art. And if you simply want to cook in your own way, then go for a pro, like W3CG3014XS Whirlpool Accussimer 30″ Gas Cooktop. It can give you precise temp control for simmering sauces or melting chocolates. 

What arrests your attention about this Whirlpool 30″ Gas Cooktop Sealed Burner is the 5000 BTU AccuSimmer® Burner, automated, electric pilotless ignition. With this dishwasher safe, four burner steel product, it is a guarantee that your love for cooking will increase manifold!

Here goes a detailed review on this Whirlpool Gas Cooktop 30″ Stainless Steel. Hope it helps!

Key Features of Whirlpool W3CG3014XS 30″ Gas Cooktop:

Whirlpool 4 Burner Cooktop:

If you have tried cooking a few dishes, you have surely started understanding the extreme requirement for the adequate amount of heat when you are cooking. It can help you to take the pleasure out of your cooking experiences on a daily basis.

The most amazing feature of Whirlpool Gas Cooktop 30 unit is that it is equipped with four sealed burners. Now you can cook many types of food to the best of your abilities.

The Whirlpool 30 Inch Gas Cooktop’s left-front burner can generate up to 10,500 BTU of heating power, which is the maximum output among the four burners.

It quickens the cooking-tasks like boiling water reducing the duration of your waiting sessions drastically. You can now contribute more time to the presentation of your meal.

Both of the Left-rear and the right-rear burners are of 9100 BTU. You can apply these burners for cooking meat at scorching temperatures or warming food at lower temperature. In short, these burners can provide suitable temperature level that results proper cooking.

The Whirlpool W3CG3014XS Gas Cooktop’s right-front burner can generate about 5000 BTU of heating power at maximum. This burner offers an amazing feature that allows you to simmer the sauces or melt the chocolates perfectly.

Whirlpool Accusimmer® Burner:

What makes the Whirlpool 30 Cooktop stand out from it’s competitors, is it’s AccuSimmer burner. The 5,000 BTU burner is coupled with a ‘‘AccuSimmer®” feature allows precise simmering to those foods like sauce which needs delicate treatment.

Moreover, this 5K BTU Whirlpool Accusimmer® burner offers an automatic lighting system. This feature is an example of advanced technology that can function in a variety of ways as. This Whirlpool Accusimmer® Cooktop is truly versatile. 

Whirlpool Sealed Burner Cooktop:

Spilling is very common when you’re trying to stuff more edibles than the cooking pot can accommodate or if the food increases in its volume and overflows the pan. If you’ve ever faced this issue, you must be aware of what a mess it leads to in the kitchen. 

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing the Whirlpool gas cooktop 30 stainless steel model with four sealed burners. The sealed nature can prevent the spillage to enter into the flame, which may otherwise cause bursting. Whirlpool sealed burner makes your cooking experience safe and healthy.

Buying Whirlpool stainless steel range W3CG3014XS, you can protect your cooktop from getting messy! So, surely you realize that having a sealed burner means less cleaning effort for you!

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Enamel Steel Grates – Dishwasher Safe:

Whirlpool Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop 30″ model comes with Enamel Steel built grates. The enamel steel grates not only make the cooking process friendlier for you; but also enhances the beauty of the overall cooktop.

Moreover, these Enamel Steel Grates are dishwasher-safe. You can easily remove the grates from this Whirlpool 30 cooktop and put them inside the dishwasher. Now, you can cook bulk foods without going through the mess of manual cleaning.

Analog Knobs – Dishwasher Safe:

Unlike the traditional gas ovens, the Whirlpool 30 Inch Gas Cooktop is capable of overcoming usual problems, like delayed heat controls, uneven cooking, etc. The magic lies into it’s efficient temp control mechanism coupled with easy access controls.

The Whirlpool 30 stainless steel gas cooktop have individual control for all of it’s four burners. Thus, cooking becomes all the more manageable. Each knob is accompanied by essential marks in black. Those marks would help you to control the temperature level for the respective burner.

And thanks to the manufacturer for providing dishwasher-safe finish to these knobs. This additional feature gives you the respite of a hassle free cleaning. Easy cleaning keeps the Whirlpool 30 Gas Cooktop Accusimmer appear brand new!

Whirlpool Stainless Steel Cooktop – Heavy Duty & Trendy:

The Whirlpool 30 cooktop built-in appliance bears stainless steel built up below the grates. The elegant stainless steel construction makes this Whilepool Gas cooktop 30 Inch compatible for traditional as well as modern kitchen.

It’s well-designed appearance maintains the line of compatibility between this item and your kitchen décor. 

This Whirlpool 30 Stainless Steel cooktop comes with a size is 21.2 X 31.4 X 3.8 inches. weighing about 46 lbs. It can provide a neat fit for medium to large kitchens. However, the design does not compromise at all with its performance capacities.

Buying Whirlpool Gas Range 30 you are assured of a high performance and an output filled with precision. Especially, if your regular household work pressure is very heavy, or say you belong to a big family then this heavy-duty 30 Inch Stainless Steel Gas stove can be the embodiment of the solutions to your hassles. 

Compatible with Built-in Oven:

This 30 Inch Whirlpool gas range stainless steel cooktop is accompanied by a built-in oven provision that is installable over a single oven. Normally, this would call for a fussy installation process that will require several minutes of diligence.

But when you use it, you will understand how the installation process will gain in pliancy due to this. It is a great advantage whether you already have or planning to buy an oven. And it won’t be overwhelming to say that the Whirlpool W3CG3014XS is a futuristic appliance.

Safety Considerations:

Ensuring that your cooktop satisfies the minimum safety requirements issued by your state government gives you some sort of assurance that nothing fatal will happen to the appliance right out of the blue. Buying Whirlpool 30 gas cooktop you can assure safety.

This Whirlpool gas stove appliance facility meets the ADA push/pull mechanism and also follows the range guidelines. This also comes with a UL Safety Listing that guarantees its household safety. 

Brand Reputations:

Whirlpool is known to give the market stylish products, products which, along with their benefits, are also not devoid of attractive appearances.

Its home appliance products are especially in great demand in the household sectors due to their well-equipped state of technical innovation as well as a design that suits your home décors. The Whirlpool 30″ Cooktop-Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burners model is reasonably priced.

Whirlpool W3CG3014XS Specs:

Cooktop/Burner Type: Standard
Surface Material Type: Porcelain Coated Steel
Burner or Heating Element Style: Sealed Gas Burner
Number of Burners or or Heating Elements: Four
Number of Open Bay: One Cartridge Sold Separately
Approved for Installation Over Built-In Oven: Yes
Fuel Type: Gas
Left Front Heating Element Power: 10,500 BTU
Left Rear Heating Element Power: 9100 BTU
Right Front Heating Element Power: 5000 BTU
Right Front Heating Element Type: AccuSimmer®
Right Rear Heating Element Power: 9100 BTU
Product Dimensions: 21-¼ (D) by 3-1/8 (H) by 31-7/16 (W)
Product Weight: 37 pounds
Cutout Dimensions: 19 (D) by 2-7/8 (H) by 29 (W)


  • Dishwasher safe analog knob control for every single burner.
  • This item shares a compatibility with the built-in oven which results in an increment in the level of convenience in installation.
  • With the presence of sealed burners, you can attend to other works while your food is cooking. It won’t spill over.
  • The “Accusimmer” functions efficiently.
  • Enamel steel grates do not suffer from wear and tear when cleaned.


  • Scratches can form all over as this is made of steel. So, please use carefully.
  • On the ETL Safety Listing chart, this has a negative value.

Bottom Line:

The Whirlpool W3CG3014XS model’s key features include the automated, electric pilotless ignition, the multi-functional, built-in design, Stainless Steel construction, fairly large and smooth cooking surface, etc. It satisfies safety regulations and coordinates with oven installation.

Whirlpool 30 Inch Gas Cooktop offers four Gas Sealed burners of varied capacities, those include one 5000 BTU “Accusimmer” Burner, two 9,100 BTU Burners, and a 10,500BTU Burner. This model is equipped with necessary customization to make the cleaning and installing tasks easier.

The amount of detailing that has been put into the Whirlpool Gas Cooktop 30″, features expertly channelized efforts. So, readers, don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure that you can get from using this product. Cook with passion, ease, and style.

Where to Buy Whirlpool W3CG3014XS 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop?


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