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The Induction Cooktop Journal now accepts guest posts.

Join our food lover and health conscious community of several hundreds of thousands of passionate readers! Write for The Induction Cooktop Journal and join this circle and spread your valuable recipes, cooking tips, health message, informative article, etc. to our honorable members. Once you submit your article, it would undergo a process. The writing is subjected to acceptance by our Honorable Editorial Team. If it passes our level of quality, we would post the article on our Induction Cooktop Journal website, which receives about 100,000 unique visits per month, and the article-link would be shared on the most popular social media sites/networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. 

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Essentials Guidelines for Potential Writers:

  • Original content: The article must be 100% original and never published or submitted before anywhere else offline/online.
  • Word count: The article must have over 1500+ words.
  • Catchy Starting: Try to write the first paragraph with an engaging style. Keep it short. Describe it clear what the post/article is about.
  • Use Easy English: While you apply any kind of technical word, keep it in mind that many of our honorable readers may not have professional experience with cooking recipes or cooking utensil reviewing topics. 
  • Writer Bio: If you wish you can add a short writer-bio to your article. 
  • Cite sources: If your article mentions any finding/ data/ information from any study or research or statistic, it is quite necessary to add a source link or reference towards that authentic source. This would allow our honorable readers to follow up on the data/information provided. 
  • Acknowledgments: Contributing to The Induction Cooktop Journal you acknowledge that editing by our staff, of any article/content, may occur at the discretion of our Editorial Team. The Induction Cooktop Journal reserves the sole right to modify, publish, or not publish any articles submitted.

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