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How to Buy the Best Ceramic Cookware Sets 2016 – Buying Guide:

Certainly you will look for durable and quality utensils while investing for your adorable kitchen spending your hard earned money. Here are some factors you need to consider to find the best ceramic coated cookware set. 

  • Is it Easy to Clean?

Easy-cleaning is one the most effective aspects of quality ceramic cookware pans. It is always frustrating to work more time in the kitchen after you have already finished cooking the food. And while cleaning is always a necessity, just being able to spend less time on the cleaning process is always a plus point, which is facilitated by the non-sticking technology. Nonstick cooking surface assures quick release of the food and oil particles from the pan surface, requiring less effort in cleaning. Therefore, you need to spend less time in the kitchen. Just be sure that the non-sticking technology of the product is actually free-from hazardous chemicals, such as, PTFE, PFOA, Lead, Cadmium, etc.

  • Is It Durable?

Nonstick ceramic coated pans, sadly, have a shorter shelf-life than most other pots and pans. This is only concerning in the sense that, though they are less expensive than most sets, if yours end up crapping out and become useless way sooner than expected, you’re going to have to spend more money than you had initially wanted to anyway. However, always be aware that life spans are dependent not only on the make of the set, but on you as a caretaker. Some common practices can harm the nonstick ceramic pans, like, using sharp pointed utensils, overheating the pans, wrong cleaning technique, etc. If you follow the product manual and put extra care into cleaning and keeping up with your sets, they will definitely last longer than most review websites tend to give ceramic cookware credit for. Therefore, as long as you take care of them right, they will be in your possession for years to come. Just be smart about it!

  • Is It Safe for Health And Environment?

A lot of people might be looking at whether or not the products that they buy are safe for their health as well as the environment. In general, ceramic cookware tends to be a lot safer for both health and environment than other pans. For several years, people are talking about the health-safety issue of nonstick cookware. However, most of renowned culinary brands claim their non-sticking technology procedures are free from PFOA, lead, and Cadmium mix. Make sure to check this fact, as a lot of these statements could be exaggerated in order to sell the product.

While this might not be true, you should always be sure before buying these sorts of sets that what the company claims is 100% truthful. There are plenty of companies around the world that like to claim that what they sell is safe for the health and environment, and they are true to the extent that they’ve only exaggerated the truth a little. Therefore, we recommend you to go the extra mile and do a little fact-checking!

  • Does It Offer Warranty?

Several products on our top-10 ceramic cookware review-list (that we have later talked about) have offered true Lifetime Warranties. And while some, such as the Scanpan, had online reviewers attesting to that as a truth, others (such as the Tramontina set) were said to be a little less than honest in terms of how their lifetime warranty worked.

As with the product-warranty aspect of ceramic cookware, do as much fact-checking as possible here, unless want to find yourself ten years down the line looking for a replacement product, only to be told that the lifetime warranty doesn’t actually apply to the problem that you have for certain reasons (such as the Tramontina set only being for products with manufacturing defects, not just age-related performance problems). This can even more frustrating if the product fails before you expected, and hope for a replacement only to be stonewalled, and end up having to buy another set sooner. While this may not be the most pressing issue right now, but it could be one after years down the line, and you’re going to buy new ceramic pots and pans with “full lifetime warranty”-issue in mind.

  • Does It Worth It’s Price-tag?

Like any other products, ceramic cookware sets are available in diverse price levels ranging from expensive deluxe to cheapest. Though, in general, ceramic cookware is regarded as one of the cheaper, but effective cookware-options available on the market today, it is still a growing technology, and will be getting better and better over the course of the next few years. Therefore, considering the usual issues of ceramic cooking pots, like, short life-span or confusing lifetime warranties, it is best to make sure that you won’t be screwed out of any money.

Generally, it is a safer bet to save up money through investing once and buy the top-quality products spending some more money. Though the quality products are expensive, they generally last much longer than the cheap stuffs. If you go for cheaper products that are believed to have a short life-span, you need to make sure that you can take great care of that stuff.

For the warranty issue, just do your fact-checking and make sure that the lifetime warranty actually comes as promised, so that the asking price-tag now won’t be a detriment to you in the future.

Editor’s Choice – Best Ceramic Coated Cookware Reviews:

To find out the best ceramic cookware sets 2016, we have researched about 100 ceramic cookware sets produced by reliable brands. Then, we carefully justified the product features, pros and cons for each set. To make our selection more appropriate, we have specially focused on the online customer-reviews and ratings for each product. After a deep research our editor has picked up the best ceramic coated pans available in the market in 2016. Here we have presented a short-review for each set. 

1. Le Creuset Cherry Red 20-piece Cookware Set Review:

It is the best product among our list of top rated ceramic cookware reviews. Though Le Creuset ceramic coated pans ask for a comparatively higher price, it brings a great combination of some exclusive cooking-pieces. For instance, Le Creuset Cast iron Saucepan, Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet, and round-shape Le Creuset  Cast Iron Dutch Oven are built in France. And, the Rectangular shape Le Creuset Stoneware Dish, Mini-size Round Le Creuset Cocottes, Enamel-coated Le Creuset Steel Stock Pot, and Silicone Utensils Set are built in Thailand. 

This set includes:

  • 1pc Cast Iron Skillet: 10.25-inch .
  • 1pc Covered Cast Iron Saucepan: 1.75-quart .
  • 1pc Covered Rectangular Stoneware Dish: 4-quart .
  • 1pc Covered Cast Iron Dutch Oven: 4.5-quart.
  • 6pcs Utensil Set.
  • 1pc Covered Enameled Steel Stockpot: 8-quart.
  • 4pcs Mini Round Covered Stoneware Cocottes: 8-ounce.
  • Le Creuset Mini-Cocotte Softcover Cookbook: 64-page.

Le Creuset Cherry Red 20-piece Cookware Set.

The set includes extra-large handles (Le Creuset claims these handles are 45% larger!) for better weight-distribution and handling. One of the complaints about ceramic cookware is their poor ability to hold down weight, as well as their tendency to chip and crack when dropped. For a ceramic item, these Le Creuset items are particularly strong, without being too overweight and becoming a burden to the handler. This isn’t just good for cooking; this is good for serving – now you can comfortably walk around with one of these pans.

Another great advantage held by these Le Creuset items is their heightened, and evened-out, heat distribution. You are going to be able to cook on these pans at high temperatures – and they’re not going to burn out like a stainless steel pan will. Le Creuset even boasts that the cooking surface is finished with black enamel, which means that you aren’t going to need to season what you’re cooking, because that finish is going to trap the juices in the pot or pan. 

If you don’t like Cherry, there are some other color options, like, blue, dark blue, orange, and yellow. People online love Le Creuset, as even for ceramic cookware they are known to have very long lifespans. They are also meant to be very good for cleaning, as they are resistant to staining and dulling.

On the whole, Le Creuset 20-pc Set is a package where you’re going to get a lot of bang-for-your-buck along with fantastic performance. Adding to these, manufacture offers lifetime warranty for this ceramic cookware set. And, it’s high user ratings reflect that people seem to really love this Le Creuset cooking set, despite it’s considerably high price tag.